25 things should not miss in Vietnam

There are many places to go and many things to do when traveling in Vietnam. However, famous specialization tourist site of the British Rough Guides has listed the things should not miss for tourists when visiting in Vietnam on "inspiration" on their website.

Highland kermis

The highland kermis of ethnic minority is always an attractive spot for tourists. People may see clearly the ethnic’s special culture through traditional colorful costumes, cuisine and their own handicrafts. The boisterous atmosphere is also particular spirit of those kermises, symbolize is Bac Ha kermis.

Temples and pagodas

Temples reflect religious characteristics of Vietnam, as well as a unique architecture with the beauty essence that Bai Dinh pagoda in Ninh Binh is an example.

Tet holiday Tet co truyen
It is the most important holiday of Vietnamese in year. In these days, many traditional customs of Vietnam by regions are shown. Tet atmosphere bustling with blooming, decorative street lights and colorful performances, spectacular fireworks or concerts skillful art dragon dance always attracts people as well as foreign tourists.

Cu Chi tunnels

Just reached the top 10 – the most underground world (according to CNN), Cu Chi tunnels have many interesting and attractive experiences than you think. Coming here, tourists will experience the life underground as real residents previously (sightseeing, eating). This defense system is still an attractive destination for many tourists, especially veterans.

Draught beer
Bia hoi
Drinking draught beer at the small cabarets located deep in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter is an interesting thing for foreign tourists. This way helps you save money but this is a chance to be a member of them in their special lifestyles.
Ancient capital of Hue

Relics of Hue in its retention characteristics of particular historical tombs, ancient ramparts time kings. Cultural and architectural works of art are always impressed with not only foreign tourists but also Vietnamese.

Water puppet show

Water puppet is the unique art form of traditional folk theater, born from wet rice culture. Due to the unique and innovative performances, puppetry water quickly receives many visitors’ loves.

Express tailors

Come to Hoi An and visit the tailoring shops here, you will be surprised when seeing the tailors cutting and sewing as a lighting to make a fashion product after only a few hours.

Trekking Sapa

Climbing Fansipan – Vietnam’s highest mountain and exploring the highland town of Sapa are the first choices when visiting Vietnam of foreign tourists. Come to Sapa, tourists will be surprised for scenic sky blend together incredibly romantic and poetic. Weather and cool air in Sapa is one of the many attractions visitors.

Lak lake

As one of the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam, belongs to Dak Lak province, Lak lake is a destination to attract pilgrims. Only once paddling dug – out canoes on a peaceful lake or riding elephants roam in vast water space, or explore the woods surrounding the lake will make visitors memorable.

Travel in Hoi An

Possessing a rich cultural heritage with the beautiful house still retains the old value, Hoi An town is rustic, casual, romantic, always charming and anxiety all visitors’ heart.

Red river delta

Have a sightseeing trip to the peaceful countryside of the northern regions and experience the simple life is not only not changed over the years, but also still retains many traditional beauty in cultural activities is one of the tourist attractions in here.

Mekong delta

Mekong delta tourist is one of the most fascinating tours in Vietnam. Coming there, besides visiting the floral and fruit garden, tourists also take a boat trip on one of nine tributaries of Mekong river, listen to folk music (đờn ca tài tử), enjoy Southern specialties, tourists hardly skip visiting the floating markets, and a feature found only in the western rivers.

Watching the scenic streets by cyclo is a special flavor not get anywhere outside Vietnam. This way makes traveling tourists (especially foreigners) just feels something new, just closer to the life and culture of Vietnam. Sightseeing by cyclo is common in the old town Ha Noi, Hoi An, etc.

Ha Long bay cruise
As one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world and is recognized as a world natural heritage, Ha Long Bay as a beautiful gentle watercolor painting. To admire the beauty of this, visitors must go inside the yacht bay. There will have full day tours, spending the night on the cruise with many attractive activities visitors as squid fishing, swimming, rowing kayak.

Relaxing in Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is blessed for blue beaches and pristine natural beauty with coconut trees along the coastline. Come to the South of Phu Quoc – An Thoi, tourists will admire the beauty of the marine life in the pure water.

Thong Nhat train

Let the bike on the train, then sit down, relax and enjoy the beautiful views from South to North when the ship runs slowly between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Colonial architecture

The French colonial heritages can be easily found with the impressive architecture as the Hanoi Opera House, the French house painted yellow wall with a fireplace or wood stairs in niches characterized, Norte Dame Cathedral, etc. Currently in the old town and many other towns in Hanoi still remains durable French architecture over the years.

Traditional music

Performing traditional music is one of the important performance art in Vietnam. Each region has its own unique music. Foreign tourists often enjoy watching and listening to traditional types such as “ca trù”, “quan họ”, “cải lương”, etc.

Going to markets

One of the things that make tourists interested is walking around and shopping at the market. Beside fresh food, there are food kiosks to have a light meal, as the region that sells typical dishes. For example, Binh Tay market has soup, spring rolls, rice cakes or bread, etc for sales. In addition, tourists will have a chance to experience the “bargain” culture when traveling in Vietnam.

Playing adventure sports

Due to the structure of special terrain so when coming to Vietnam, tourists will enjoy the adventure sports such as climbing, parasailing, kite surfing, kayak or biking mountains, suitable for those who preferred strong feeling.
Cao Dai oratories

A place for worship of the Cao Dai religion - one of the most influential religious in Vietnam, it is built with special architecture (modeled Tay Ninh Holy See, but smaller and more simply). It also often has ceremonies and cultural activities specific to religious believers.

Ba Na people’s village

Ba Na is famous for communal house where is the meeting place of the villagers in the village in the Central Highlands. Ba Na communal house has many unique features in the architecture, shape, and pattern. If possible, let’s make a visit to Gia Lai and live together with Ba Na people in communal houses to learn more about Highland culture. In Hanoi, visitors can also admire the Ba Na communal house at the Museum of Ethnology.

Sidewalk foods
Thuc an duong pho
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the kitchen roadside, mobile food stalls around the streets, enjoying fresh delicious dishes typical of each region is one of the cultural experiences and exciting cuisine in Vietnam.

Have fun in Nha Trang

Scuba diving in the remote on a small island offshore, but green as emeralds in Nha Trang is one of the most amazing things to come. Or just relax on the sea to enjoy the fresh air sandy slopes is enough to wowing visitors at the paradise beach of Vietnam.

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